History of Living

February 04, 2015
Ulrike Wagenknecht

Again and again I experience that people hardly think about their personal history of living. The question about their personal history of living causes anxiety first of all.

The reason for this circumstance may be that living is a habit that one hardly ever questions. But perhaps only the question about the history of living creates a consciousness that living has something to do with one’s  own personality. Actually it is unusual to talk about it with a stranger.

Living is standard. But we all live very differently. Although living is a necessitiy of life we all have different demands.

After the first step of a conversation about well-known ways of living there very often develops a quick realization about the interaction between humans and room. Therefore not only special knowledge about living is important, but many things are created by intuition.

The more authentic one lives, the better the person will feel at home and the better he/she will be able to relax.

What is your history of living?