plan | freiheit. The other way to look at rooms.

Interior design for private and public rooms.


Interior Architecture

moves walls.


Improvement of Environment

asks for your room concept.

intro_feng shui

Feng Shui

illuminates the interior world.

intro_interior design

Interior Design

invents styles.

I design rooms of all kinds. Living –  and working- rooms are like a handwriting  or a self- painted picture for me. They tell you something about the person that lives there. The style of living or the philosophy of a company are shown there. I view rooms as a personal statement. My work is a mixture of creativity, technical know-how and social knowledge. So there develops a very special access to interior design, my own way of looking at rooms. Important are the persons and their particularities which should be reflected in those rooms. By objective listening I can comply with individual necessities and develop an authentic and individual room style.

Room effects. Humans do as well.



Interior Architecture

puts great emphasis on the arrangement of rooms, the structure of rooms and the technical demands considerating building style and form of living. Can do minor architectonic changes.

Best improvement of environment

agrees to your personal demands by combining interior design and feng shui.

Feng Shui

a method that makes it possible to connect people and rooms directly through the universal teaching of yin and yang and the five elements.

Interior Design

finds your personal style of living and knows how to show the philosophy of your company in an interesting way of design.


Advice and Coaching

to learn about your demands I need to have a detailed conversation with you and I have to listen. The more personal the conversation the more suitable the solution.

Working out a concept

visualizes the potential and the weakness of rooms. Your room concept should give room to your personal lifestyle or to the philosophy of your company and it should make an authentic living/ working possible.


sketches, standardized plans and an exact timetable make it easier to put the room concept into practice.


there is a good network. I work with designers and small regional studios. The coordination of the skilled workers can it make easier to put the plans into practice.

Who for?

Private people

My offer addresses to people who,

  • move, plan, build.
  • have many ideas, but fail in putting them into practice.
  • want to change their residence and their way of living.
  • have a desire to go new ways.
  • want to experience rooms.
  • have a lot of vacant rooms or do not know where to put their stuff.
  • do not feel well at home.
  • want to change existing room structures.
  • look for a new way of design.

My offer addresses to companies that,

  • want to improve their working conditions.
  • want to carry out structural changes.
  • look for a new Location.
  • want to show their philosophy in the rooms.
Public Institutes

My offer adresses to public institutions that

  • want to create the best athmosphere for their stuf fand visitors.



The meaning can be,

  • to emphasize the personality or the company’s philosophy through the rooms.
  • to identify with the room.
  • to realize the connection between people and room.

Benefit can be,

  • to support well-being and strength through rooms.
  • to find solutions fitting your Budget.
  • to gain fun in designing.
  • to make processes and ideafinding easier.

Purpose can be,

  • to make an optimum of room structures.
  • to find an authentic interior design and room design.
  • to develop an individual style of living.


Private Rooms

Public Rooms

All references for private rooms
  • Bösel, family – maisonette, Vienna 8
  • Brandauer, K. M., Krenn-Brandauer, N. – attic flat, Vienna 1
  • Engl, Doris – garçonnière, Vienna 6
  • Forys, R. – flat, Vienna19
  • Gaugitsch, Brigitte – garçonnière and flat, Vienna 12
  • Goschler, family – low-energy-house, Vienna 22
  • Grabmüller, family – living room, Vienna 16
  • Hämmerle, family – flat, 2371 Hinterbrühl
  • Harant Pollack, family – maisonette, Vienna 16
  • Hatzl,,, Margit – flat, 4020 Linz
  • Hilmar, family – flat, Vienna 15
  • Krenn, Silvia – flats, Vienna 15 and 3500 Krems
  • Lachawitz,,, Irene – sleeping room, Vienna 8
  • Lauter, Petra – flat, Vienna 20
  • Leidinger, family – flat, Vienna 3
  • Löffler-Populorum, Familie – flat, 2103 Langenzdersdorf
  • Manninger, family – flat, Vienna16
  • Maurer, family – passive house, 3002 Purkersdorf
  • Mechtler, family -maisonette, Vienna15
  • Novogratz, familiy – house, Vienna 10
  • Prokopp,,, Monika – flat, Vienna 13
  • Rabl, Waltraud – flat, Vienna 10
  • Savel, Mag.a , D. – flat, Vienna 23
  • Tomuta-Wall, family – house, 3400 Klosterneuburg
  • Van Bemmel, M., Königer, E. – Loft, Vienna 16
  • Veitsch, L. – living room, Vienna 3
  • Wagenknecht, family – villa, 2540 Bad Vöslau
  • Weiss, family – flat, Vienna 8
  • Widhalm, Karin – flats, Vienna 3 and Vienna 15
  • Wittkowsky, Mag.a ,Vera – flat, Vienna 16
  • Zika, Ulli – flat, Vienna 2
All references for public rooms
  • Brandauer, K. M., Krenn-Brandauer, N. – workingspaces, Vienna 1
  • Federal Ministry of Science and Research – foyer, Vienna 1
  • dasmöbel – exhibition stall Blickfang 2007 – 2009, Vienna 1
  • dasmöbel – show room shop 2007 – 2010, Vienna 6
  • Fröschl, Natascha – veterinary practice, Vienna 14
  • “Gesund&Gut” – office, Vienna 2
  • Hotel, drafts for rooms
  • Institute for molecular pathology – draft cafeteria, Vienna 3
  • Kraus, Barbara – workingspace and communicative salon, Vienna 15
  • Lieberzeit, Monika – shops, location, Vienna 3 and Vienna 20
  • Sanatorium St. Leonhard – common room, 8010 Graz
  • Swoon Factory – music studio, Vienna 15
  • Therapy Centre TZ8 – public room, Vienna 8

About me

Ulrike Wagenknecht

Born in Vienna on 8th March 1970.

This is a political day chosen to be International Women’s Day. Since then women have been fighting for their rights and for drawing attention to their situation. Even as a child my room was always kind of holy to me, a room only I designed, either in my fantasy or in a hiding place or simply in my room. There were many possibilities to define the own room. So I started to explore rooms, energies of rooms and their phenomena.

I have completed several trainings and instructions and I have travelled a lot. Those journeys have dealt with people and their ways, forms and design of living. To deal with people, environment, rooms and their interactive influence partly includes very intimate areas. It is a skill to recognize this synthesis and to work with it and this circumstance assumes an approach without prejudices. My work should make a strengthening and green room experience possible.

A transparent and clear work as well as satisfaction and appreciation with every involved person are most important for me.

Curriculum Vitae

  • 1988 final exams
  • 1989-1991 course for furnish making and interior design at HTL Mödling
  • 1996 awarded with the title Engineer
  • 1996-1998 education in spiritual energy work/ shamanism
  • 1996-1999 academy for social work in Vienna
  • 2002 ögut environmental award/ main award in the category Women for habitat management
  • 2004-2006 education in feng shui/ lo-academy
  • 2005 course interior design
  • 2007+2008 university course for habitat Management/ krems
  • 2011 final exam engineering office interior design/ wko Vienna
  • 2015 course living space and psychology



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